29 June 2013 – a local rarity…

Having just gotten back from Peru, I was still rather tired but, with news of an immature Green-backed Heron that had turned up on a small holding just south of Atlantis (which is not too far from where we live), we decided to head out there this morning. Apparently, the bird was most reliable between 11am and 3pm, so that also suited me for a more relaxed start to the day…

We arrived there just after 11am to find a few others there already who were looking for the bird. Some of them had been there for over an hour already with no sign of the bird, so we all just sat back and waited. There was a little bit of activity around the pond where the heron had been seen with lots of Cape Weavers busy nest building and a few other species coming and going, but not much else, so it really ended up turning into a bunch of twitchers sitting around and talking nonsense…

After more than an hour of sitting around, the bird suddenly came flying in and landed in front of us! Quite a surprise as, by this stage, we were beginning to believe that it had moved on. It hung around for just a few minutes, enough time to snap off a few shots, before it disappeared again. Fortunately, a little while later, it was relocated at another pond across the road and we were able to get more views, albeit slightly more distant, of this rather unusual species for the Western Cape. No matter what the species, it is always good when a twitch is successful, especially so close to home…:)

Green-backed Heron

Green-backed Heron


~ by hardakerwildlife on July 28, 2013.

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