14 July 2013 – showing our friends a lifer…

Our friends, Keir and Alouise Lynch and their son, Cian, had spent the night with us last night and, as they were still looking for Antarctic Tern for their lifelists, we decided that a little jaunt up the west coast to a roost that we knew of would be a good bet. These terns visit South Africa during the austral winter, arriving in the Cape in late May and departing again in early September.

Just over an hour’s drive later (after having stopped off for a take-away breakfast), we arrived at Mauritzbaai and headed straight for the tern roost. It was almost too easy as we could just walk out to where the terns were the Lynchs could just tick them off. Carefully scanning through the roost of several hundred birds revealed only a handful of Swift and Common Terns hidden in amongst the majority of Antarctic Terns. They were in a wide variety of plumages ranging from juveniles through to adults in both summer and winter plumage. We spent the next little while photographing them and enjoying their antics before calling it a day and heading back home.

Even if one doesn’t get a new addition to your own list, there is still some enjoyment in watching the smiles on your friends’ faces as they get to tick off another lifer…:)

Swift Tern

Swift Tern

Antarctic Tern

Antarctic Tern


~ by hardakerwildlife on July 28, 2013.

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