21 November 2012 – challenging foxes…

Midweek and the alarm blasted into life at 4:30am. Up quickly, through the shower and we were on our way out to a Cape Fox den that we had recently found out about quite close to our home. Since this was an animal that we still needed for our challenge list and which can be tough to connect with locally, we thought we had to give it a go while the going was supposedly good. People had reported this active den with 2 pups for the last few weeks, so we weren’t sure just how much longer the opportunity to see and photograph these animals was going to exist.

We were on site just after 5:30am just as it was starting to get light and there they were! Well, at least one adult was lying out in the open and one of the small pups was running around and having a lot of fun! Unfortunately, it was on private land, so we couldn’t access it to get closer to the animals and, watching from the road which was the only place to view from, also didn’t give us great light angles as we were almost looking directly into the rising sun, but we made the best of the situation and managed to blast off quite a few photos of the animals as they went about their business quite unperturbed by our presence. What a great animal to get so close to home and it really felt like a shame when we had to pull ourselves away from this scene to make our way through to the office for another long slog at work…

Cape Fox

Cape Fox adult

Cape Fox

Cape Fox pup


~ by hardakerwildlife on December 4, 2012.

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