19 August 2012 – a moravian secret…

With all the terrible weather we’ve recently had, we raced out of the house at the first signs of a semi decent day!! Our destination: Mamre

For those of you that don’t know Mamre, it’s a small town on the West Coast between Atlantis and Darling. There have been recent reports of a Brown Snake Eagle in the vicinity and, with any luck, it would end up on our challenge list…

We headed towards Mamre along the R307. In all the years of Trevor and I going to the West Coast National Park, Darling and nearby places, I have never been on this road. A lifer road!!!!

While driving around the town filling up our field sheet for SABAP2, we came across an old Moravian Mission Station, a national monument since 1967. The buildings are beautiful, with an active church, a former bakery, a shop and even an old mill. Mamre is apparently also one of 7 mission stations that grew into towns and villages on the West Coast. Amazing what history some of our nearby paces have and I would never have known, had we not bumped into this little gem.

We were not fortunate enough to add the Brown Snake Eagle to our challenge list, but we were lucky enough to spend some time with a pair of Hamerkop busy building a nest on the grounds of the Moravian mission station. The light was terrible, but at least we got some pictures. Well worth a visit in the next couple of weeks. I wonder what a baby Hamerkop looks like?


Careful scanning also revealed a Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk carefully watching the goings on in the area which was great as eventually, we were able to photograph it (albeit badly!) for our challenge list. Another one down…:)

Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk

Unfortunately, the weather eventually closed in on us again so, after a couple of hours and a measley 41 mostly common species on our field sheet, it was time for lunch and a slow drive home…

Fiscal Flycatcher


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