29 July 2012 – a bunch of commoners

With some reasonable light for a change this morning, after the terrible weather we have been having in recent weeks, I decided to head down to Intaka Island Wetland Reserve early this morning. We still needed Greater Painted Snipe for our challenge list and there is always a chance for it at this site, although, once again, today was not going to be that day…!

The reserve was still quite busy with many of the common species actively starting to display to their mates and some even starting to build nests. Spring is definitely on its way. Nothing particularly unusual was encountered in the few hours that I was there, but it was still fun just to get out and manage to get a few passable photographs to boot. A short blog, but just an excuse to share the photos…:)

Let’s just hope that our field time starts to improve and produces a few more goodies in the weeks to come…

Laughing Dove

Red-eyed Dove

African Darter

Cape Canary

Southern Masked Weaver

Common Moorhen

Cape White-eye

Cape Sparrow

African Spoonbill

Southern Red Bishop


~ by hardakerwildlife on August 16, 2012.

One Response to “29 July 2012 – a bunch of commoners”

  1. Just superb pictures…

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