19 May 2012 – no bats to be challenged

We were heading up to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve for Sunday and Monday night and thought we might as well find some accommodation for Saturday night and make a long weekend out of it. We had previously driven past the Guano Caves just outside Montagu and thought it would be great to add a few bat species to our challenge list while we were out there.

We had been told that there were trips up to the caves that left at 10h30 and 15h00, so we timed our arrival at the site for the 10h30 trip. At least, we would then have three chances to see and photograph the bats then. Unfortunately, we were only told once we had arrived and were busy checking in that there is no access to the caves anymore and the chances of us actually seeing the bats are less than slim…! Not quite the impression one gets when viewing the website or what we were told when we made the initial enquiry and booking… Even the flags at the entrance don’t give the impression that you can’t get to the bats anymore.

A false sense of hope…

Very disappointed, we checked in and made our way to the accommodation, a tented house. The accommodation was great, except when we had to take a cold bath the next morning as there was no warm water…

Our accommodation

Our accommodation

We spent the day wandering around on the property trying to scratch out whatever we could find. Heading into winter meant it was not terribly productive and we ended up finding a butterfly or two, a few scorpions, a Delalande’s Beaked Blind Snake and an Ocellated Thick-toed Gecko. We also tried in the evening to look for Little Karoo Dwarf Chameleons as we still needed this species for our challenge, but the search was fruitless…

Uroplectes carinatus

Delalande’s Beaked Blind Snake

Trevor photographing a gecko

Ocellated Thick-toed Gecko

Because we now had so much “spare time”, we even visited the petting zoo on the property!! If you know Trevor, you would know that this was a rare occasion…:)

We left early the next morning, slightly disappointed about the “false” advertising, and the noisy children next door, and hoping that our next stop at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve would be a whole lot better…

Trevor trying to befriend an Alpaca

Having a chat to a horse


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