19 November 2011 – chasing tambourines…

Up reasonably early this morning and, after a quick stop for a take-away breakfast en route, we were at the gates of Paarl Bird Sanctuary as they opened at 7am. Our target was to try and find the Tambourine Doves that had been reported from here recently for our challenge list. After signing in at the gate, we headed straight to the spot where they had been most recently reported from and almost instantly picked up on one calling. We headed off into the wooded area following the call and after, what seemed like an eternity, we eventually got a visual on the bird. Next challenge was to try and get a photo of it. The bird was moving around quite a bit in the thick foliage and it was damn near impossible to get a clear shot. Eventually, it sat out in the open for a brief period and we managed to fire off a few shots. Of course, sitting “in the open” is a relative term and is used very loosely here. We basically found a gap in the foliage to shoot through and managed to have the whole bird in the gap. Nevertheless, the target was achieved.

Tambourine Dove

We then spent some time working around the rest of the sanctuary looking to see what else we could find. Most of the regular waterbirds were encountered and some of them even posed for a photo or two. Unfortunately, we were unable to find anything earth-shattering and a search for the African Pied Wagtail that had been reported there recently also turned up empty-handed. There were a number of juvenile and immature birds around of various species and it was interesting trying to get to grips with all the variable plumages. Eventually, we had to start making our way back home as we had to get ready to attend a wedding later in the day, so by 10h30 or so, we were packing up and heading back home.

Blacksmith Lapwing

Three-banded Plover

Common Sandpiper

African Darter

Red-billed Teal

immature Egyptian Goose

moulting juvenile Hartlaub's Gull


~ by hardakerwildlife on November 22, 2011.

One Response to “19 November 2011 – chasing tambourines…”

  1. Lovely sharing your outing with you Thank you

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