08 October 2011 – ghost frogs remain ghostly…

We decided that such perfect weather could not be wasted and, since Trevor’s pelagic was only going tomorrow, we had to do something. We decided that a drive out to Bain’s Kloof would be pleasant and hopefully more successful than our previous trip there.

We got there reasonably early (after a quick stop for some Wimpy coffee). The first stop would be “the rock” where Trevor had managed to “lose” a frog the week before. The strategy was: I would lift the rock and Trevor would pounce. I lifted the rock and there was the frog! And there it was going… and Trevor wasn’t getting to it… and it was gone! Again! We still weren’t sure what it was….

We started lifting other rocks and looking under the moss and found plenty of frogs, but unfortunately not Cape Ghost Frogs, the one we were looking for. We drove to another spot and did some mountaineering to get to these rocks, but still no luck. After hours, we went back to “the rock” – this time with more success. Trevor managed to get hold of it this time, but unfortunately it was only another Cape River Frog. Strike two!

Frog habitat at Bain's Kloof

Cape River Frog

After hours, we called it a day. We had seen Cape River Frog, Southern Rock Agama and a few birds. A short stop off at Contermanskloof on the way home had us photographing a few common birds – nothing exceptional, but still a beautiful day and great to be with mother nature.

Common Fiscal

Western Cattle Egret

Greater Striped Swallow

White-rumped Swift


~ by hardakerwildlife on October 12, 2011.

One Response to “08 October 2011 – ghost frogs remain ghostly…”

  1. I am starting to understand why this frog is called a ghost frog! Still looks like a great day out, and as usual superb photos.

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