25 September 2011 – a less than successful day

The one good thing about chasing reptiles is that you don’t have to get up at ridiculous times of the day. So we had a lazy start with some coffee and rusks on the porch and a quick phone call to the local expert to find out where our target snake, Berg Adder, might be and we were on our way again. It had turned into an amazing day. Not a breath of wind and the sun was warming up nicely. This should have been national braai day!

We had been given three target areas. The first one was a no go. It would mean hours of walking and just hoping to bump into it. The second one was a bit more hopeful. Down by the beach, on the rocks. We searched high and low, but to no avail. Apart from a friendly Southern Rock Agama and a few calling Clicking Stream Frogs and De Villiers’ Moss Frogs, there was not too much else to be found…

Southern Rock Agama

It would have to be the third spot, supposedly a 30 minute walk up a “small” hill. Fortunately we took some water. Apparently there are some old busses at the top of the hill which now gives our reptile friends a shelter. Well, the short walk definitely proved one thing. We are terribly unfit!! My parents would do better than we did. We did get to the top with some huffing and puffing but where were the busses?? We searched everywhere but could not find these things. Trevor even climbed another hill in search, but only wasted some more valuable energy unnecessarily. Finally, we were informed that the busses were down the hill obscured from our sight. Oh dear, we would have to come back up. Unfortunately, by the time we found the busses, it was past 11 o’clock and nice and warm. If there were any snakes, they were nice and warm and hunting down some prey by now. The bus had left! (Thanks to Ronel for the photo.)

Searching in vain...

Even though we did not find our scaly friend, the view from the top of the hill (mountain!!) was breathtaking and the flowers stunning. The trip back to the car was not so bad and we decided to call it a day. Any hope of catching reptiles in this weather was really poor. They would be nice and warm and way too quick. Our goodbyes to our friends were brief with everyone racing to the nearest shop for a cold coke or water. Thank you to Ronel, Faansie and Rob for a great day!

We headed back home along the coast. It was such an amazing day! Every now and then you look at your surroundings and think to yourself:” Wow, we live in a beautiful country!”

Looking back to Hangklip as we head home


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One Response to “25 September 2011 – a less than successful day”

  1. Our pastor was bitten by a Berg Adder 3 weeks ago while hiking in Mont Rochelle NR on the Franschhoek Pass. He survived perfectly with no side effects what so ever. They are certainly around our area if you still need to find one. And yes, we sure do live in a beautiful country, I couldn’t agree more!

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